Cj Biggerman Promise Merge A Whopping Ghc 10,000

Christian Joshua better known in his endeavours as Cj Biggerman, a young Ghanaian rising star whose fame rose after MTN Hitmaker and releasing a couple of songs which include Time, Number 1 (Lebooboo), Chuku Chuku. His fame quickly doubled after he made a freestyle to Rick Ross which thrilled the Biggest Boss and gave him an endorsement.

Cj Biggerman aka Obolo Justin Bieber has promised Merge, an blogger/influencer who has been a back bone in Biggerman’s career(promoting his stuffs, both online and offline) has promised to give Merge a whooping Ghc 10,000 to prove how grateful he is for the support. This happened in a convo they had earlier on facbook. He also adviced him to stay away from girls and stayed focus and work smarter and harder.

You can listen to the audio below:


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